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Fleetrack 24 Features

Fleetrack 24 is an ARAI Certified AIS 140 GPS vehicle tracking system device for Public Transport. It has a compatible Fuel Sensor to alert fuel thefts to the fleet owners. AC, Temperature Sensors or any other sensors are also fitted in accordance to customer requirements. This equipment can be used in small vehicles like Tata ACE to cars, trucks, buses and various heavy commercial vehicles used in the construction industry. For customers who do not want to insert fuel sensors in fuel tanks, we have OBD (On Board Diagnostics) based solutions for the same.

gps vehicle tracking application for public transport
  • Track multi-brand vehicles through a mobile app or multiple devices.
  • Helps in meticulous trip planning & execution
  • Reduce communication gaps with drivers
  • Ensure flawless Truck, Trip and Driver expense management
  • Focus more on business growth
  • Dashboards to help manage the -
    • Fuel and speed analysis
    • Fuel usage and theft analysis
    • GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles on road