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Our CSR initiative "Turiyam"

TMLBSL Mandukya Upanished
Our CSR initiative "Turiyam", originates from Mandukya Upanishad as an answer to the eternal question - "Who am I? I am no one, but a soul -'immortal 'immortal essence of a living being', which changes its form during the cycle of life, yet remains unchanged, unaffected, by the reaction of the senses to the material world.
TMLBSL Turiyam
We at TMLBSL believe that this soul gets nourished when it touches those of others... one's own happiness cannot satisfy the soul... One must try to include to one's own the happiness of others... We believe in spreading smiles across all the lives that touch and make a lasting impact on the society at large. This thought finds resonance in the Turiyam logo which represents the life cycle of a seed. A seed that grows and becomes a plant, and the plant bears fruits which in turn gives many more seeds. Though the seed changes its size, shape and colour or form, the soul within it remains the same throughout its existence. It continues to nurture and give back to the Mother Nature in manifold ways...

The colours used in the Turiyam logo are symbolic of this thought and commitment towards the cause:

Let us come together, join our hands and work towards making a difference... in our own lives and in those of others... As Mahatma Gandhi said... "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Our Initiatives:

Blood Donation Camp

E-Waste Collection

Joy of Giving Grocery & Stationery Distribution

Tree Plantation