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TMLBSL has enabled the creation of E-learning content or micro learning videos with 2D animation or interactive modules through Avivyakti. The L&D team can create express modules or refresher modules which can be disseminated through BOTs to learners. Avivyakti is a selective dissemination of E-Learning courses based on user request though BOTs. Course assessment and completion certificate can be auto generated for the learner.

Product or Service promotional videos can also be developed for the clients for business growth.

Avivyakti- Multi device interactive module

Avivyakti - Multi device interactive module

  • Easy reach to a wider audience
  • No dependency on any LMS platform
  • Higher user engagement with video based learning
  • Learners can access the modules at their convenience
  • BOT based interactive assessment

Promotional video

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Animation based e-learning module

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Digital Transformation Awareness Module on UDEMY

digital transformation